In order to meet the comprehensive needs of customers, Kerun plastic pipe National Customer Service Center is willing to provide "accurate, convenient, efficient and high quality" services. National Customer Service Center in the "pursuit of excellence, leading services," the service.

Specifically to provide you with the following services:
Provide technical support company products applications.
  1, product technical questions.
  2, installation guide, material budget.
  3, construction design drawings.
Second, responsible for handling customer information.
  1, class information processing customer complaints.
  2. Customer Advisory class information processing.
  3, the customer satisfaction survey.
Third, carry out product quality tracking survey and feedback.
Fourth, the accident due to product quality problems caused by processing.
Fifth, the branches and clients to provide the services needed and to assist its complete information transfer process.
Six leading representatives of all branches of service and better service for our customers.
Seven branches at any time for training and provide engineering and technical personnel, to help guide the application of the technical office to solve problems at work.
Eight branches regularly provide information on various related projects, and to assist the tender branch work.
Nine, build customer files and customer records into the company database.
Ten, for the major businesses with related products supporting sales service.


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